Gene to Protein

Accelerate the production of disease-relevant proteins, antibodies, and membrane proteins

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Structure-Guided Lead Discovery

Optimize your drug discovery efforts with our structural biology & fragment screening teams

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Functional Biology

Maximize your biologically-relevant data with our biochemical and cellular platforms

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Unmatched Attention to Quality Scientific Services

“Structure-guided solutions for your drug discovery programs”

 Our research team is diverse and deeply experienced in all aspects of drug discovery. As such, we start the process by hand-picking an internal Beryllium team for every single project – and ensure that the team is populated with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of the project. Depending on the scale, disciplines involved and duration of the project being planned, the team may be small or large, but always built appropriately for success. Our track record speaks for itself in collaborations with academia, virtual start-ups and large biopharma.

About Us

Proximal to the largest and fastest growing engine for the research based drug discovery market on earth: Boston, MA. Our mission is to provide world class Gene-To-Function services.  Our proven teams of drug discovery professionals are passionate about unlocking the therapeutic potential of both genetically- and clinically-validated drug targets.



Integrated Bundle of Service Offerings:

Structure Determination

(NMR, X-Ray) See for yourself

Gene-to-Protein Production

Including complexes and membrane proteins. See More

Antibody:Antigen Characterization

Epitope mapping.  See More

Membrane Protein

Production, Screening and Structure
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Membrane Protein Engineering Services

Functional Biology

Cellular, Biochemical Assay. See for yourself

Fragment Screening

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Our Science

Our integrated drug-discovery services platform enables us to work across the entire pre-clinical research process. Our collaborations range from modular projects such as molecular engineering, biophysical screening, phenotypic screening or gene-to-structure as well as integrated drug-discovery programs where our partners utilize the full capability of the platform to develop drugs for challenging drug targets.

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East Coast Operations (HQ): 3 Preston Court Bedford, MA 01730

Phone: 1-781-652-4000

West Coast Operations: 7869 NE Day Road West Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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