Justin Boyd, Ph.D.

I bring to Beryllium over a decade of research experience in phenotypic profiling, especially in neurobiology. As an entrepreneurial scientist, I am accomplished in the fields of neuroscience, stem cell biology, and drug discovery. The challenge that I hope to address is creating innovation and improved efficiency in drug discovery.  While at Harvard, my lab utilized technology while focusing exclusively on biological relevance in early stage drug discovery in Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and Parkinson’s disease. Prior to establishing my own lab at Harvard, I was a member of the Laboratory of Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration, the academic drug discovery group of the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center, where I led their high content screens and quantitative biology platforms. Before Harvard, I spent some time at Evotec developing stem cell based assays for their screening platform following a postdoctoral fellowship in CNS stem cell biology at the NINDS/NIH.

I identify opportunities to develop and facilitate programs focused on patient derived cells to front load biological and clinical context and content along the drug discovery and translational research pipelines.  Such approaches are founded on integrated strategies to drive improvements in the process of discovering and developing successful drugs. At Beryllium, I lead the Functional Biology Team towards discovering novel therapeutics with our collaborators.

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