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Our Bedford, MA facility has an opening for a Senior Research Associate in our Cell Biology Lab.  The successful candidate will perform all Core duties with minimal supervision and collaborate within the group and across other Core lab functions.  This position will perform experiments, analysis and troubleshooting.  The Senior Research Associate should be a critical scientific thinker and excel in a fast-paced environment


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Must know and execute methods and techniques required for day to day passage, harvest and transfection of cell lines
  • Handle bench work to support Cell Biology activities including cell culture and cell engineering, execution of both in vitro functional cell based assays, biochemical characterization as well as phenotypic characterization. Assay development, optimization, analysis and interpretation skills are a plus. TR-FRET assay experience preferred. Experience in high content analysis, cell biology and biochemistry is essential.  Must be able to perform cell imaging, labeling and immunocytochemistry.
  • Maintain a quality system of record keeping and reporting in line with current practices.


Education and Experience:

  • Masters with experience in a commercial setting preferred;
  • At least 3-5 years of applicable research experience;
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with culturing and maintaining different cell lines simultaneously ranging from primary cell lines to stable cell lines;
  • Working knowledge with IncuCyte system, InCell Analyzer, MagPix, Typhoon, Guava easyCyte, SpectraMax, LightCycler, Envision Plate Reader System, Tecan and high throughput automation;
  • Knowledge and understanding of recombinant protein biochemistry highly desirable;
  • Neuroscience and inflammation background highly desirable;


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