Beryllium to Present Work on Tuberculosis targets at PEGS

“We are excited to tell the story of one of the Beryllium collaborations on tuberculosis targets next week at PEGS.  As many in the anti-infectives therapeutics realm have realized, less than 10% of the disease-relevant proteome of mycobacterium tuberculosis has been successfully solved at the level of high dimensional 3-D structure.  Beryllium teamed up with the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID) and others to address the question “Can we increase the breadth of structural insights within the disease-relevant protein group in the pathogen M. tuberculosis?”.   Accordingly, we demonstrate the utility of homologue rescue in this study- essentially applying a system for using surrogate sequences of the active sites from other mycobacteria – to establish a relationship between sequence identity and active site structural similarity between homologues.  This system applied to 179 potential tuberculosis drug targets increased the structural coverage more than 3-fold!”