Beryllium Initiates New Collaboration with Deciphera Pharmaceuticals – Bedford, MA

Beryllium announces the signing of a structural biology collaboration with Deciphera Pharmaceuticals.  Under the terms of the agreement, Beryllium will provide gene-to-structure research information on multiple kinase targets and deliver high-resolution crystal structures to support Deciphera’s kinase inhibitor discovery activities.

“Deciphera’s collaboration with Beryllium exemplifies our commitment to advancing improved treatment options for patients with cancer,” said Daniel Flynn, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Deciphera Pharmaceuticals.  “Beryllium’s expertise in structure-directed drug discovery coupled with Deciphera’s proprietary switch control kinase inhibitor platform offers the potential to accelerate the delivery of tumor-targeted therapies and immuno-targeted therapies to improve human health.”

“At Beryllium we are very excited to partner with Deciphera, an industry leading oncology therapeutics company,” said Johan Pontin, Chief Executive Officer at Beryllium Discovery.  “Deciphera’s cutting edge research in kinase inhibitors dovetails with Beryllium’s gene to structure expertise and together we will unlock the therapeutic potential of new oncology targets.”


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Using a biology-first, target-centric approach and established platforms, Beryllium provides research services and engages in collaborations with commercial and academic partners.  Beryllium’s teams of experienced scientists work closely with drug discovery clients to help manage and advance their goals by complementing their capabilities and resources.


Media Contact: Mark Schmeizl, Beryllium Discovery,