Beryllium has been a leader in providing high quality, cost-effective structural biology services for over 15 years. This work can be performed on a Fee-For-Service or FTE basis as best fits our clients’ programs. We have provided over a thousand proprietary structures to our clients and over 800 to the protein data bank (PDB). Gene-To-Structure: We can delve into the biology of a target and design constructs, express and purify crystallization grade protein samples, and then crystallize and determine structures. Take advantage of our deep expertise in a wide range of targets, including many “off-the-shelf” targets.

Protein-to-Structure: Beryllium has a strong track record of success when working with protein and nucleic acid samples provided by its clients or third party vendors. Beryllium has extensive experience in de novo phasing from native protein samples using iodide ion soaks and single wavelength anomalous dispersion (SAD) methods.

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