Fragment Screening

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Fragment Screening Services

Efficiently sample target structure space

  • Smart pooled commercial and in-house libraries
  • High resolution NMR and X-ray crystallography platforms

Obtain small molecule start points for your drug discovery program



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Beryllium has a strong track record doing fragment screens by NMR.  Contact us at and we can discuss your specific needs.

Screening in-house collections

  • Fragments of Life (FOL™) (>1300 compounds)
  • Bionet Premium (>1000 compounds)
  • Maybridge (>1800 compounds) 

Screening external libraries

  • client-provided
  • client-selected commercial libraries
  • custom commercial libraries

Additional services

  • protein-observe (HSQC) as one of our screening methodologies
  • NMR-based compound quality check
  • identity
  • purity
  • solubility
  • Fragment pooling
  • Randomized pooling + deconvolution
  • single screen; target-specific library
  • Design mixtures for optimal throughput
  • multiple screens; all-purpose diversity set

Smaller, more specific, fragments provide more efficient starting points for drug discovery than traditional HTS

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