Protein Engineering and Production

GENE CONSTRUCTION We offer codon engineering at the nucleotide level based on research-derived algorithms using a variety of expression systems. We offer maximum design flexibility with a wide variety of available promoters and protein tags included in an extensive collection of vector backbones. All Open Reading Frames cloned are 100% sequence verified. State-of-the-art construct design and cloning methods are carried out in concert with DNA2.0, a world-class leader in gene synthesis and cloning.

PROTEIN PRODUCTION We utilize our capacity to handle all projects- small and large. We deploy our extensive knowledge of target biology to overcome production challenges with even the most difficult targets. In addition to our experience, our project managers can custom design protocols for different types of protein targets, including specific gene families, membrane proteins, and difficult-to-fold proteins. We use a variety with innovative approaches, technologies and tools to enable proper expression, folding, purification, stability, and activity of challenging proteins and routinely achieve industry-leading levels of protein yield and purity needed for crystallization and other structural/functional biology applications.

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Expression Modules:

  • E. coli – multiple strains for optimization, paste/periplasmic expression,15N labeling for NMR
  • Baculovirus – cytosolic and secreted expression, Sf9/Sf21/Tni
  • Mammalian – HEK293, CHO paste/secreted

Expression Capacity:

  • 32 L of E. coli
  • 4x10L wave bags for BV
  • 4×2.5L and 10L wave for HEK

Protein/Antibody Processing Capacity:

  • 11 AKTAs
  • 1 Protein Maker (multi-parallel chromatographic processing)
  • 3 Ultracentrifuges
  • 3 Tangential Flow Systems
  • 4 HPLCs
  • Much more



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